Welcome to the IDSM-Helpdesk

Our ticket system offers the possibility that you receive qualified solutions for your problems. The ticket system offers the following benefits compared to a normal e-mail:

  • No support request gets lost.
  • You have a complete overview to the current processing status of your ticket.
  • All solution steps are recorded.
  • The ticket is allocated to the respective expert for processing. Sending several mails to different support departments is not necessary.
  • Also already done tickets are still stored for a certain time, in order to quickly have a found solution at hand again.

Simply enter your name and your e-mail address in the form. Select an area fitting best to your request. When you describe your problem, make sure that you can see already from the first row what the issue is.

After applying a ticket, you receive a confirmation message containing your ticket ID and a code. By means of these data you can inform about the current processing status of your ticket. You receive a further message when the ticket has been worked on. Possibly this message contains also a description of the solution.